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Vintage SHF logo 1976

The Scott Haldane Foundation was founded in 1976 with the aim to spread knowledge about diving medicine among physicians.

In the early years the Foundation organized symposia and published books about diving medicine. After a “hibernation” of about 15 years, the Scott Haldane Foundation resumed its task of developing and organizing courses in diving and hyperbaric medicine.

What has happened since then?

  • A multi-level education program has been build up.
  • More than 1900 doctors showed interest in diving medicine by following SHF courses.
  • A certification system for diving doctors, under the auspices of an independent Board of Experts in diving medicine, has been set up.
  • A maintenance system has been realized for the continuous medical education (CME) of (sports) diving doctors.
  • Internationalization of training and certification.

The aim of the Scott Haldane Foundation for the coming years is to become the international center for knowledge transfer in diving medicine.


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