29th in-depth course "Nightmares for the diving doc", Indonesia (2).

19- 26 November 2022

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A fatal diving accident, not having the right tools in your first aid kit, not knowing (anymore) what to do in case of mixed gas or rebreather diving accidents and what to do in the event of a repatriation and aftercare in case of serious diving accidents are examples of the “Nightmares for the diving doc”.How to deal with these "nightmares", but also how to prevent them, that's what this 29th in-depth course from the Scott Haldane Foundation (SHF) is about.Another extremely interesting course for any diver doctor in a fantastic 5 star location.


The following topics are discussed in four half-days:

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  • The Fatal Diving Accident: autopsy or not? Securing diving equipment and “crime scene”? Psychological counseling fellow divers and family? Repatriation of remains?
  • Physics in practice: divers ask for advice on gas mixtures; evaluation of DCS risk in mixture gas diving. How do you calculate risk related to diving profile? Rebreather and technical diving.
  • The diving doctor's first aid kit: what do you take with you on a diving trip to deal with small and large calamities? Within the limits of your own competence and “common sense”?
  • Diving Accident Treatment: Recompression and what else? What after the first hyperbaric treatment? Rehabilitation? Additional examination (risk factors)? When to resume diving?.
  • Update of the BLS-DAN course and DAN Oxygen Provider Course.
  • Practical diving: the students who do not yet have a diving certificate there is the option to do an open water diver training. For those with a diving certificate there is the possibility to obtain further certificates or to take a 10-diving package.