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In-depth course Diving with your Heart NL

June 12-13 2020

Available seats: 0

With unchanged governmental policy, this course will be organised as planned on June 12 and 13 2020. Due to the COVID-19 measures the maximum number of participants is limited to 15. Course is full

The 27th Scott Haldane in-depth course in diving medicine is titled "Diving with your heart".
The heart is the focus of this course, but it also discusses topics such as exercise, physical fitness, effects of medication and risk profiles for cardiovascular disease. In addition, a refresher of Basic Life Support (BLS) and Oxygen Provider skills is also covered.
The premise of this course addresses what the diving doctor needs from a cardiological and exercise physiological point of view to perform his inspection, advice and treatment tasks as optimally as possible, so focuses on the practice of the diving doctor and is designed to improve safe diving for the individual diver. To achieve this objective, each student is asked, based on his / her diving medical practice, to prepare several questions on the aforementioned subjects and submit them in advance for discussion during the course.

This course is part of the internationally recognized certification for Diving Medicine Physicians and counts as Continuous Medical Education (CME) for Diving Medicine Physicians and the Medical Examiners of Divers accredited by the European College of Baromedicine (ECB).


Course topics:

  • Cardiovascular risk profiles – these play an important role for good advice to divers. Based on the risk factors and risk profiles, dive safety and fitness for diving are evaluated. Guidelines, and especially the motivated and discriminate application of them, play an important role.Duikongeval
  • The influence of cardiovascular medication and devices such as pacemakers on diving.
  • The effect of diving on medication and devices.
  • Part of the day is reserved for a refresher of the Basic Life Support (BLS) and the DAN-oxygen provider skills, so that certifications can be obtained or renewed..
  • As noted above, all course participants will be asked to prepare and submit several questions regarding cardiology in the diving doctor's practice..

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